Lady Caliber




Lady Caliber has always had a passion for music of all different styles ranging from Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk, Soul, Detroit Techno, House, Jungle and Drum n Bass. Lady Caliber remembers borrowing an album from her local library with "Strings of life" by Derrick May on the tracklisting. She really couldn't get enough of that tune. Lady Caliber also remembers dancing away at night in a disused car park with a bunch of friends listening to Voodoo Ray on her headphones.

Lady Caliber has been mixing for around six years now and first became interested in DJing when she was given the opportunity to play some DnB tunes at her boyfriends brothers house. She then bought her own decks and started collecting Jungle and Drum n Bass.

In 2002 Lady Caliber and her boyfriend plus a few friends held several small events called "Prestige" and "Trip to the Oldskool". When she thought she was good enough and acheived a suitable level she did a warm up set at one of her events.

The highlight of her djing so far was getting a booking at the Dance Academy in Plymouth. The crowd were up for a wicked night and the atmosphere was buzzing. Lady Caliber loves the adrenaline rush when she is playing live and she tries to give the crowd that "Lady Caliber flava" adding more and more creativity to her mix sets as she goes along.

Lady Caliber has played at:

Keats, 3rd Birthday Party, The Big Joint - Glasgow, Liquid Bass - Peacocks - Canning Town, Informal Presents Nicky Blackmarket - El Paso, Element @ The Dance Academy - Plymouth, Unite @ Fimbars - Dunstable, Informal Christmas Party - Rhythm Factory, Devotion @ Concorde 2 - Brighton, Inigo Bar - Clapham, Swarm @ Oh Bar - Camden, SubFusion @ Rhythm Factory, SubFusion OldSkool Ride @ Brixton Mass, Jungle Pride 1st Birthday Bash @ Jamm Bar.